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Facebook to rollout 'Protecting Your Information' News feed.

Source: Dinendra Haria/WENN / WENN

Almost 50 million Facebook users were affected by a network breach, the company says, also acknowledging the issue was discovered last Tuesday.

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The engineering team said the breach hit a feature of Facebook called “View As,” which allows users to see how their own profile might appear to others. The attackers grabbed “access tokens,” which could have allowed them access to someone’s account.

The “access tokens” allow users to not have to log into their account every time they wish to view it.

Facebook said it has fixed the vulnerability that was discovered and contacted law enforcement. The “access tokens” for the almost 50 million accounts were reset to protect those peoples’ privacy.

As a precaution, Facebook said it also reset tokens for another 40 million users that were part of an update that involved the “View As” option. Around 90 million users also had to log back into their accounts on desktops and the phone app. It has also taken the “View As” option down for the time being until more information can be found.

The company said the investigation is still ongoing and, at this point, it does not know who conducted the security attack.

They have said that there is no reason to change your password, but we will be the judge of that.


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