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Adrienne Bailon And Israel Houghton's Wedding Shower

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Israel Houghton’s new album, “The Road To Demaskus,” features two duets with his wife, Adrienne Bailon. The two got together in 2016 and according to The Christian Post many questioned their relationship. In their new video directed by Meagan Good for the hit song “Secrets,” the two paint a picture of what it was like for them a look into what happened when they got together as well as what they had to overcome.

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Adrienne in the video is seen wearing a beautiful white gown and while she walks through the mansion wearing a mask as people talk about her. Israel in the video are talking with some friends, but can’t keep his eyes off Adrienne while looking through his mask. Everyone around them are wearing masks as well except Adrienne and Israel when they come together take theirs off.

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These masks that everyone else is wearing is supposed to represent not only fake personas, but also how people are covering up secrets like their face. The song is all about how despite secrets we might keep God helps us uncover the truth to set us free. While on an episode of “The Real,” Israel spoke about the backlash he received from getting a divorce and being with Adrienne.

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He said, “I understand what it means to have peace that surpasses understanding. When you are willing to take your mask off and lose everything, I was willing to lose everything because I had platforms, I had accolades, all the things people are after, but I had no peace. The mask, for most of us, feels like it’s protective but really it’s suffocating. So instead of a platform, I found peace for the first time in my life, you can’t beat that.” As far as how he feels today about the situation that happened, Israel said, “I literally could say I have no regrets. I have a lot of things that I wish I had done differently given the opportunity to redo it. But that would have changed everything, and I am very content with where I am today.” Let us know what you think about the video to “Secrets”!

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