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We’re The Campbells” premieres tonight and Erica Campbell spoke to Warryn Campbell and Krista Campbell about how excited they’re about the show. Krista might only be 13, but she is filled with so much wisdom. She spoke how her friends are happy to see her on television and she wants to show a healthy Black family.

Warryn believes this show will change the narrative of how people think there are nothing but broken Black families around. He also hope to show that his family isn’t perfect and we all go through things in life.

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Krista had a piece of advice to share with teenagers which is to communicate with your parents about issues and stop trying to fit in with everyone. She also would like them to build a healthy circle around them. Erica and Warryn are so proud of her and is excited about fans watching this amazing show.

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Watch “We’re The Campbells” on TV One tonight at 8pm/7c.

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