As Erica Campbell prepares for a soon-to-be-stellar show at The Hollywood Bowl, it's looking like we may see a mother-daughter duo performance during the upcoming set as well.

Warryn and Erica Campbell’s children (Krista, Wozy and Zaya) took part in a Kidz Talk Town Hall meeting about how coronavirus is affecting the youth. 

Erica Campbell and GRIFF are very prod of their daughters and spoke all about it.

Erica Campbell and Krista Campbell have a conversation that many parents have with their children.

As a parent you always want to be around to help your child and in the next episode of “We’re The Campbells.”

On the next episode of “We’re The Campbells,” Krista Campbell asks Erica Campbell if she thinks she’s ugly.

We all have bad days and have to push through them.

“We’re The Campbells” premieres tonight and Erica Campbell spoke to Warryn Campbell and Krista Campbell about how excited they’re about the show.

Earlier this month Erica Campbell announced that her and her family would have a show on TV One.

Erica Campbell talks about the beauty of watching her kids see "Black Panther."