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Speak Live To Your Children | Ericaism

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I remember growing up and I remember my talking to my father when I was a little girl. I would come home and tell him what happened at school and he would always listen and he would always respond with they did. You did? And what else happened? He always was so excited to hear what I had to say. Whether I was talking about. Boy, that pushed me on the merry go round or something I did in class and I really believe that that built confidence in me that people wanted to hear what I had to say. 


Now, of course, in life you go through and you have your insecurities and that tries to take your voice from you. I think you know those teenage years and in those preteen years can be really rough, but when you speak life into your children. 

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I saw a post on a parenting page that says, speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful, most magical humans on the earth for what they believe is what they. I am so grateful that I did not grow up in a House hearing me being called stupid or dumb, or my parents cursing me out. I never, I never had that kind of house and I know a lot of people that did, and I believe that God has to heal something in your heart and in your mind, when you heard that about yourself at a young age, please. Oh, please don’t talk to your children that. OK, please. Oh, please do not demean them and plant seeds of doubt and and self-confidence. Self self doubt in their minds because you have made them feel like they’re not smart. 


What you talking about? You know what you talk about? Shut up and sit down like I know. And now that’s very common in a lot of families, not just black. Families, when you do that, you do damage. And so I pray that maybe you experienced that, that God has healed your heart or weal. Healed your heart. Because it’s what I know. We’re always healed or healing from something in life. And I pray that we speak life into this next generation. But if you didn’t, if it didn’t happen for you that God heal you and you look yourself in the mirror.