GRIFF, who is anointed to laugh, says a change is coming to Get Up Erica! Let's all bow our heads.

GRIFF, who is anointed to laugh, has a message for people who are just straight up mean.

Kirk Franklin isn’t the only parent who’s gone off on his kids. We’ve all been there.

GRIFF’s thinking about getting another pet, but a cat, dog or fish is too basic. He’s looking for something, "different."

GRIFF was blessed with his fourth grandchild this week!

Thanksgiving has com and gone, now it's time for Christmas!

You've got to know your strengths and thank God for those strengths!

GRIFF’s been stirring up trouble in his household over games like UNO and we all can relate!

Kamala Harris is up next for tonight’s debate. She’ll be surrounded by people who prefer not to wear masks and we saw how that played out last week.

GRIFF's daughter roots for different football team than him and talks smacks about his Raiders! But, she gets it from her daddy!

Having multiple pets isn’t everybody’s ministry. GRIFF’s still trying to figure out whether or not it’s for him...

Griff’s got a special message for Pastor Curney on his anniversary: #GoRaiders!