GRIFF pointed out and admitted that it's not just women that get excited when they get their hair done, but it's also men.


The days of straightening your hair or removing your braids before an interview are officially over.

A private Christian school kicked out an 11-year-old girl over her hair extensions.

GRIFF prayer possibly might get him into trouble because he’s talking about women and their hair.


Black women and hair loss is unfortunately a common pairing. This is largely due to the consistent reliance on weaves, wigs and braids. However, there are also many black women who suffer from forms of alopecia that don’t necessarily correlate to hair styling. On the latest episode of the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, […]

The idea that kinky, short hair is somehow less 'cared' for than long, flowing, tresses needs to be dismantled in the Black community.

If you watch the show “Insecure” you already know that every week her hair looks amazing despite what she’s going through.