Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music, who this year snagged a Grammy Award for their song "Movin' On," have moved on to more collaborative efforts.

Jonathan McReynolds launched a new music label and his first artist, DOE, launched a new single called “Brighter.” 

Jonathan McReynolds is inviting fans to a virtual tour partly titled after his People album. It’s called “Those People.” 

Kirk Franklin will host and Kelly Price, Jonathan McReynolds and Erica Campbell are set to judge.

Jonathan McReynolds chats about how he deals with judgment, battles temptation in regards to fame and how he's related to The Walls Group!

Celebrating their collaborative release, Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music took over Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell today!

If you're like us and watched The Clark Sisters in awe this past weekend, then you've probably put them back at the top of your playlists and have been hooked on singing their classic songs since. 

We’ve all fallen victim to other people’s perception of us and we’ve all been the people who place misconceptions on others. Jonathan McReynold’s got a song for that titled, “People.” 

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Singer Jonathan McReynolds has returned to give us another powerful single! The song, entitled “People.” The song is an honest and transparent piece of music from McReynolds about the trauma that people cause… people. At a certain moment, you need to be delivered from the people who do not bring you peace. When describing the song, McReynolds […]