After months of anticipation, is officially live! Erica Campbell has curated a digital community dedicated to intentionally curating timelines of love and positivity. This community will include not only include music to inspire an uplifting lifestyle, but will also include motivation and ministry from the Get Up Church’s first lady…and the best part? You […]

I actually have some news that I haven’t shared with anyone, not even the team… but I have something amazing coming next Monday.  Surprise! So we know that social media is kind of random. It’s not very intentional. Most people just kind of scroll and whatever is in the feed is whatever comes up, but […]

The Box of Joy gathered volunteers in the Miami area to pack gifts for 70,000 children around the world that are living in poverty.

There are so many ministries at the church, but GRIFF wanted to shout out the parking lot ministry.

You might not know this, but GRIFF has a certificate in ministry that allows him to marry, bury and Christen people.

Bryan Popin is an amazing gospel singer and has been in the industry for the last 23 years.


Erica Campbell spoke to listeners about ministries that churches have that are out the box.

A year ago today GRIFF married a special couple close to his heart.

Erica Campbell speaks a message to the folks who are older in ministry.

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell explains that "you don't just get married to happy."