The cuteness overload has begun with a new challenge on the horizon. Parents are passing time creatively during this quarantine with the #FruitSnackChallenge.

Erica Campbell for the most part tries not to let things bother her.


If the past decade has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that it’s completely disgusting to comment on a woman’s reproductive choices.


Social media has become an all encompassing part of our daily lives.

A major decision was made by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Uber issued a formal apology on Monday after the ride share app came under fire for using the n-word in a customer service response.

Of course, the line between friendly observation and compulsion can be very thin.

In a recent episode of The Real, the ladies (minus Tamera, who had Dr. Drew Pinsky fill her seat for the day) talked about a story that questioned whether people’s fitness posts were inspiring or intimidating for others.

A study from Pew Research Center found that a lot of people blame technology for the negative impact it has on partnership.

Erica wants everyone to be secure in who God calls them to be and decided to keep it up.

GRIFF is very transparent and most of the time he shares his feelings and emotions during the show.