In celebration of Women's History Month, Dr. Willie Jolley dedicated today's "Wake Up & Win" to civil rights icon Harriet Tubman for her display of strength, patience and passion when it came to famously freeing enslaved Black people in the South via the Underground Railroad. 

Today's "Wake Up & Win" sees Dr. Willie Jolley keeping the Black History Month theme going by focusing on the resilient story of Jesse Owens, a track and field icon that famously proved the nefarious Adolf Hitler wrong by winning big during the unforgettable 1936 Summer Olympics. 

In today's "Wake Up & Win," Dr. Willie Jolley revisits the inspiring story of Black sports pioneer Satchel Paige as a way of breaking down the concept of mind over matter. 

Although a good portion of our lives is controlled by the pursuit of making money, Dr. Willie Jolley dedicates his "Wake Up & Win" for today to something all the more greater: dreams!

Dr. Willie Jolley focuses his "Wake Up & Win" for today on the benefits of persistence using our very own Urban One founder Cathy Hughes as a prime example.

Dr. Willie Jolley's "Wake Up & Win" for today is about understanding the struggle that comes with progress using the wise words of Black History icon Frederick Douglass as guidance.

We've got a special three-part "Wake Up & Win" to hit you with, starting today with a helpful tip on growing together as a couple.

Today's focus on "Wake Up & Win With Dr. Willie Jolley" is the act of committing to stay together, which is one of the key steps towards building a long and happy marriage.

The start of a brand new week calls for an uplifting "Wake Up & Win" from our good friend Dr. Willie Jolley, and today it centers around developing the right mentors in order to avoid making mistakes on your journey. 

Dr. Willie Jolley decided to use today's "Wake Up & Win" minute to assert the power of confidence as a way of battling inner depression. 

Willie Jolley dedicated today's "Wake Up & Win" to late friend Colin Powell and a principle he lived by in terms of using hope to fuel a journey as well as an ultimate plan for success.

The theme of "Wake Up & Win" for today is simply to remember that getting mad is perfectly human, but it's also not something you'll want to ultimately consume you.