Faith Walking: What Are You Looking At? [EXCLUSIVE]


What are you focused on? It’s a question Erica Campbell wants you to ask yourself. Some people are looking at things that are behind them as well as in front of them. She mentioned if you’re reflecting on what God has done for others and not focused on what he’s done for you then that’s a problem.

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Erica doesn’t want us to sit around in our thoughts being jealous of what other people have and what you don’t. Envying someone else’s journey doesn’t bring you any closer to what you want in life.

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She also spoke about aligning our words with our thoughts and stop speaking negatively in life. We’re here to serve and please God as well as thank him for everything he’s done for us. Stop minimizing your blessings and live your own life. Erica wants you to continue to walk in your destiny and take a look at your own road.

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