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GRIFF was talking to one of his really good friends about Jesus peace. Most people think about it as a piece of jewelry you wear, but GRIFF is referring to it as the inner peace he gives us. He recalled the movie Friday where Debo, the neighborhood bully took a guys Jesus piece after he tucked it in his shirt so it wouldn’t show. Debo ended up taking his chain and they guy in the movie ran to his car crying.

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GRIFF wants you to imagine the enemy as Debo. He can’t take away the Jesus inside of you away because God is always there for you.  GRIFF then mentioned how much he’s changed since being on the show. It’s changed his attitude in a lot of ways and GRIFF wants you to make sure your Jesus peace doesn’t get taken away from you.

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When your kids are making you mad or you’re having a bad day handle it in a different way and don’t allow the enemy to steal that peace. When your spouse is tripping just laugh out loud and mention to them that they married you. Don’t let anyone take your Jesus peace!

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