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If you missed “We’re The Campbells,” this week you need to go watch it now! This episode was filled with so many magical moments. Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell opened up the Stellar Awards and received a standing ovation for it.

Misty, Erica’s assistant might be taking on two roles to work for her and Warryn Campbell. JoiStaRR, Warryn’s sister felt some type of way about not being in the label photo in Vegas. She is contemplating not to work under Warryn anymore so that her music can get more attention.

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Honey Atkins made an appearance as Erica packed for a show and Goo Goo Atkins received so much love for her glam room. Warryn got surgery and Wowzy Campbell, Krista Campbell and Zaya Campbell decided to make him a meal.

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