Mr. Griffin

GRIFF has had so many opportunities in life and continues to thank Jesus for all of them.

GRIFF recently had a colonoscopy done and is encouraging everyone to take someone to the doctor.

GRIFF was talking to one of his really good friends about Jesus peace.

GRIFF is so pumped today because he was so happy about how things went at his one man show this past weekend.

GRIFF spoke about how he has the prayer of Jabez outside his door at his home.

GRIFF wants us to stop going into certain situations with thoughts of negativity as well as confusion.

GRIFF wants you to be more aware when out in public and riding public transportation.

GRIFF spoke about one of his favorite pastimes which was hanging out with his Aunt Paula, who was married to a man named Lonnie that played for the Seattle Supersonics.

Grab a tissue because GRIFF has us a little emotional this morning.

Father’s Day weekend is here and GRIFF is so blessed to not only be a dad, but to have one in his life.

GRIFF had a rough week filled with a tarantula in the elevator and then his bike having a flat tire.