Mr. Griffin

GRIFF was driving home and watched as a mother duck led her 11 ducklings across a busy road.

GRIFF was really touched by a North Carolina woman's testimony of surviving rape and molestation.

GRIFF talks about always wanting to be better, and not just in general, every day.

GRIFF was stranded for twelve hours in Minnesota at the airport.

GRIFF reflects on all the good God has done in his life.

For this Valentine's Day edition of Mr. Griffin, GRIFF was extra full of love.

GRIFF reads Luke 16, which says "one who is faithful in a very little, is also faithful in much."

This edition of Mr. Griffin starts off with Psalms 92:12.

Earlier this week a lot of people tuned into watch the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Georgia Bulldogs.

GRIFF kicks off this edition of Mr. Griffin by defining "grace."