Erica Campbell loves to sing for God.


Erica Campbell spoke to listeners about ministries that churches have that are out the box.


Church is a place to sing praises to God, listen to the word, meet people and so much more

Pastor Michael McBride is back and talking about how he’s helping to keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive.

GRIFF wants to make some changes at church and is asking the men to support some of them.

Tim Bowman Jr. is a gospel artist and is gearing up for his second season of his show with his wife.


Charmaine Pruitt had not attended church since the fall of 2016.

140 were injured after a church in the Nyaruguru district in the Southern Province was struck on Saturday.

Erica Campbell speaks a message to the folks who are older in ministry.

On “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” they introduced listeners to Alma Hughes, who is the director of the Trinity Inspirational Choir.

A lot of singers when they first get started talk about how church was one of the first places they sang.


93-year-old, Olivia Blair died and always wanted her funeral service to be at the church where she was a member at.