With everything surrounding the recent Oscars controversy tying back to the topic of alopecia, our girl TJ joins "Trending Topics" today to briefly discuss what it's like in her own experience of battling the autoimmune disorder that leads to hair loss.

GRIFF was so happy about his "FAITH BY THE NUMBERS" show and is very thankful to everyone that has supported his career in the past, present and will in the future. 

Erica Campbell posted a throwback picture of her and Warryn Campbell and GRIFF laughed about it.

Erica Campbell, GRIFF and TJ discussed Memorial Day weekend and discussed fighting for our country.

TJ has been in the radio business for almost 20 years.

National Grilled Cheese Day recently passed, but TJ isn’t a fan of it.

Erica Campbell, GRIFF and TJ struck up a conversation about giving people rides.

GRIFF and Erica Campbell talk about the common parenting using of being a mean or hurtful tactics.

TJ reads from Luke 17:6, which talks about having faith even as small as a mustard seed.

Maurette Brown-Clark was in for Erica Campbell, talking about all things love!