September 13th marks National Bald Is Beautiful Day! Being bald, whether it was by choice or not, comes with confidence. Bald is beautiful in so many ways.


Louise Signore is literally the epitome of living your best life as she rang in her 107th birthday this year.

There is nothing like a fine man that loves the Lord!   While having a discussion about men that love God with some of the editors, we decided to put together a list of good looking Christian men. Won’t he do it!


Will Packer’s modern adaptation of the beloved What Women Want film takes on a reimagined role with Taraji P. Henson at the helm.

In church we always see women with beautiful church hats on making it the statement piece to go with their outfit.

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Eating healthy can be difficult at times.

Pastor Shep Crawford is not only about preaching the word of God, but helping to uplift the men as well as women in his church.

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